Black November completed, Thanks Caribou

A great, rain-free Saturday served as backdrop to the Black November milsim.  Among the prizes were Poco-Military gift certificates, an AEG, lots of Caribou Brewing camo items, and (courtesy of Caribou) a set of Canucks tickets.

More detail soon.

Feel like a mil-sim?

We are setting up for an autumn mil-sim, ask an admin or marshal.

Also, we have adjusted the schedule to have one Sunday event each month at MRP and events every Thursday and Saturday at PP.

Operation JUNGLE THUNDER approaches

If you were planning to attend Northern Arms’ NO ROOM IN HELL, we have a replacement for you.

During Operation JUNGLE THUNDER, your section will operate in a generally unknown landscape with help from main intelligence units guiding you over the radio net.

Discover the airsoft side at MRP.

Would you like to learn more?  Or just sign up.