Great day today, great day next week…

Great weather for the Omega Ops mil-sim.  I’m disappointed I missed it.

With Panther offering support for any players to host mil-sims every month, we’ll have plenty more this year than ever before.

Next week, we’ll have a demolition team attack game (satchel charge attack) with some new tweaks to test.  Will we see you there?

January Mil-Sim!

First, we have fixed the settings for the domain so it points to the main site.  You can now use the abbreviation to link to the site.

Second, as part of the 2015 gaming season player groups will host mil-sims once a month with Panther’s full support.  Omega Ops has booked the January slot and has an intriguing idea for us to play mercs and PMC’s.


Happy New Year!

A small glitch in our domain settings occurred when we renewed our domain and made sure this time that our secondary domain ( pointed to the site.

But we are still here and eager to play.  This week, we are going to play with the others on Sunday.

Keep in mind upcoming mil-sims:  usual times are March, July, and October…. we are still working out scheduling details.