Airsoft Info (wiki) back online

You may have needed to use the Airsoft Info part of the site.  Our host updated to a version of back-end software that has a known issue with our wiki software.

We have since applied a work-around which will keep the wiki available for you.

See you at the field!

Sunny weekend, time to play?

We will be available at Panther this Saturday and if enough players join us, we will coordinate with Panther to run a game across the south half of the field.

Stage 1 of the game in south of Tire Fort.  Stage 2 south of Choke Point.

Usual place

Game Concept from 2015-10-03

Game Concept from 2015-10-03



Now that we host Saturday game days, we have had some good turnout and loads of fun like in “ye olde days”.

You get a break to spend the long weekend with family.  But, come next Saturday, 8 August, we have a GAS ONLY day planned.

Let us know if you would like to join us on a Saturday. You can still find the announcements in the usual place:  local game days.  We are continuing with two Saturdays each month (bi-weekly) for the next while and hope you can join us out.

Good hunting.